Technical Support

Call FATPOT for immediate assistance:
Local(801)397-3973 x 2

You can email support issues and supporting information to support@fatpot.comThis generates a service ticket for a Technical Support Team member.


Top-quality technical support is part of the FATPOT experience. We are committed to providing you the best technical support in the industry. We understand mission-critical public safety systems and your need to provide uninterrupted service. Our team’s knowledgeable, cross-trained staff is ready to respond to your urgent needs 24-7-365 while also serving as a backup to your front-line support teams. We continually improve our processes and performance benchmarks based on your feedback as we monitor both our effectiveness and customer satisfaction.


FATPOT provides training and software tools to empower your front-line super user(s) to monitor your production systems. This approach enables you to efficiently analyze and resolve most issues directly with your end-users. When needed, FATPOT’s technical staff works hand-in-hand with super users to resolve issues requiring additional assistance. Our collaborative approach provides a superior tailored response to issues and outages while also educating and empowering our customers to effectively support and maintain their own environments.


FATPOT guarantees 24-7-365 response to service-level commitments as defined in our technical service agreements. If you have any questions about FATPOT Customer Service, please fill in your information on this page and a Customer Service representative will contact you.

Technical Services Incident Management Process

FATPOT utilizes an Incident Management Process to facilitate both the identification of Incidents, and their timely and accurate resolution.