Did you ever want to see what other agency RMS systems might know about a particular suspect, vehicle, or MO?

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RMSfusion can scan through multiple RMS systems simultaneously looking for people, vehicles, property, or crime types. Regions or even states create federated MOUs that authorize information searching and access between or within agencies, but how do you implement such sharing? FATPOT delivers the solution: RMSfusion.

 Read how the Tooele Police Department used RMSfusion to find and convict a criminal.

RMSfusion uses web-service interfaces and BOT (crawler) technology to securely connect to RMS systems and perform read-only, federated searches. Authorized users can initiate queries for people, vehicles, property, and crime types. Confidential details are not shared in the search, but matching records are reported with identifying contact information for further investigation.

Federated Search

Need help finding violation or criminal information from nearby agencies? RMSfusion can help. Through an easy-to-implement read-only interface, RMS systems can be interconnected for easy and rapid searching by authorized users.

Master Index

RMSfusion deploys a powerful master index technology that retains an aged history of searched records. This improves system responsiveness and minimizes the load on individual RMS systems. No confidential data is retained in the Master Index.

Sharing Agreements

Information-sharing agreements such as MOUs must be established to authorize access between participating agencies. Limitations about details shared are defined to conform with HIPAA and confidentiality restrictions. Contact information is established for further investigation and cooperation.

Premise Information

Premise and pre-plan information stored in RMS systems can be accessed through RMSfusion, providing critical details for first responders who may be arriving on the scene of a dangerous or complex incident.

Bidirectional Sharing

Not only can information be searched from connected RMS systems, but through a bidirectional interface, critical CAD incident information can be pushed to cooperating RMS systems to assist in auto-filling or generating required RMS reports. This can save first responders hours of research when needing to get dates and times for cross-jurisdictional incidents.

Scalability and Reliability

The KRC—and by extension RMSfusion—is architected for scalability and reliability. Its web-service architecture employs distributed parallel processing infrastructure with multiple application and database servers to meet the growth and fault-tolerant demands of any organization. The architecture is capable of running in the cloud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can RMSfusion be connected to any RMS system?

Almost. Most RMS systems deploy a standard SQL database for storing of tables and records. Generally, a stored procedure or simple SQL query can be used to quickly find relevant data to answer a user’s search request. Through the FATPOT scripting language, standardized search requests can be quickly adapted to almost any RMS system database. Read-only access must be authorized and configured.

Who uses RMSfusion?

RMSfusion is commonly used by detectives and investigators who are searching for criminal activity in neighboring agencies related to a suspect. It is also used by first responders who need either premise, pre-plan, or suspect information before approaching the scene of an incident.

What level of criminal or offender details are provided through an RMSfusion inquiry?

The level of details provided through RMSfusion inquiries is defined in the MOU between the sharing agencies.  In all cases, access is only granted to authorized users of RMSfusion.  Generally, only the crime type or infraction type are provided with dates and times.  Additional details can be obtained by contacting the owning agency.

Through what medium does a user make an inquiry to RMSfusion?

Inquiries can be made through the FATPOT Mobile applications—PortalONE or a web browser—or through a partner solution that uses the RMSfusion API.

Who has access to RMSfusion?

RMSfusion uses an identity and authentication system of the Knowledge Response Center (KRC) that is FIPS 140-2 compliant to allow access to shared RMS system information. Single login through Microsoft Active Directory is also available. Access policies and access control lists can also be created to filter access to different levels of information.

Is RMSfusion affordable and user friendly?

RMSfusion is affordable and easy to deploy.  Its associated FATPOT applications are user-friendly for dispatchers, first responders, administrators, and other personnel. Having access and being able to search across multiple interconnected RMS systems not only saves valuable time and effort, but it increases the probability of safer emergency response and resolving criminal investigations.

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