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The FATPOT Knowledge Response Center (KRC) is all about filtering, translating, and applying business rules so that relevant knowledge gets delivered where and when it needs to be there. The FATPOT Mobile applications are optimized for displaying that multi-jurisdictional knowledge.

Read how the City of Boston used FATPOT Mobile during the Boston Marathon Bombing.

The FATPOT Mobile applications meet the evolving demands of Public Safety for increased ease of use and mobility. From a traditional Windows-based MDC solution to advanced tablet and smartphone options, the FATPOT Mobile suite of products offers a solution that is right for you.

Situational awareness is optimized by pinpointing incident location, unit location, and other GIS points of interest on an interactive real-time map. Dispatch information, including narrative and resource assignments, adds critical details often not available over radio communication. Communication with other first responders and coordinated response through organized search tactics are available.

First responders can also commit themselves to existing incidents through self-dispatch functionality or can create a new incident directly in CAD through bidirectional interoperability. Other modules allow for inquiries to State, Federal, and other systems. The result is an indispensable, mobile solution for Public Safety.


A powerful, Windows-based MDC mobile solution that provides a real-time view of multi-jurisdictional incident and unit information. It features a mapping view that pinpoints critical real-time data as well as a dispatch view that shows incident detail and unit information. It also integrates AVL, AFR, inquiries, and communication capabilities to deliver a best-of-breed, fully functional mobile client.

Android and iOS

The Next Generation FATPOT Mobile runs not only on Windows tablets but is fully functional on Android and iOS devices, including smartphones. It utilizes the improvements of the Knowledge Response Center (KRC) for seamless integration with CADfusion NG, featuring server-based mapping and tactical response capabilities.

GPS Support

The FATPOT Mobile applications include full integration with GEOfusion, with local support for GPS modems or location services. Positioning information is displayed immediately on the mapping module for real-time location updates and navigation services. GPS location is also forwarded over the network to GEOfusion for sharing with other systems and users.

Automated Field Reporting

The FATPOT Mobile applications also feature a powerful Automated Field Reporting (AFR) solution that can be used to design, create, and manage sophisticated accident, citation, fire, EMS, and other specialty reports. AFR includes a workflow capability for routing and approval of reports. The resulting XML records can be exported into your favorite RMS system.

Situational Awareness

The FATPOT Mobile applications display multi-jurisdictional information from the Knowledge Response Center (KRC) to give a complete common operational picture of all activities surrounding an incident. This information is updated in near real-time to deliver up-to-the-second accurate situational awareness. FATPOT Mobile is the best solution available for unified response and safety for first responders.

Global Mobile

FATPOT Mobile is designed for network efficiency to provide optimal performance even over low-bandwidth radio networks or older-generation cellular networks. Global Mobile is a scalable data communications layer that senses the reliability and throughput capacity of underlying networks. It then throttles, prioritizes, and compresses network transmissions to mobile devices to deliver the most critical data first.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide which Mobile technology is right for me?

If you need a traditional MDC solution, PortalONE is for you. Its open architecture supports integration to any CAD, RMS, AVL, or State Inquiries system. It also includes a powerful AFR solution.

If you need personalized mobility and best-of-breed situational awareness, look to FATPOT’s new Mobile NG for advanced, mapped-based, real-time integration with CAD, RMS, and location data for the ultimate mobile experience on Android and iOS devices.

What advantages does Mobile NG have over my existing CAD mobile?

Mobile NG does not replace your existing CAD MDC. What it gives you is regional / cross-jurisdictional situational awareness. You can now see incidents and dispatched units from neighboring agencies that are cooperating with you on an event.

How do I connect FATPOT's Mobile applications to my CAD?

CADfusion Real-time View lets Mobile users see incident and unit information for situational awareness. It requires only a simple read-only interface to your existing CAD system.

CADfusion NG Bidirectional lets Mobile users not only see the information from CAD, but it also lets them update CAD with personal comments, status changes, and self-dispatch actions and lets them create new incidents. These actions require a bidirectional interface to your existing CAD system.

What advanced mapping features are included?

The mapping features of all of FATPOT’s Mobile applications include real-time plotting of incident and unit locations. Map layers that locate hydrants, cameras, or key points of interest can also be displayed. Configurable icons can be placed and shared with other users to mark an accident or document a hazard. Geo-fences and search grids can be defined and shared to facilitate coordinated searches. Navigation is also supported.

Do FATPOT's Mobile applications support AFR?

FATPOT’s PortalONE is a Windows-based mobile application that includes a powerful, Advance Field Reporting (AFR) module. It is currently in use by many agencies to automate the collection of reports. It comes with a report designer—WhiteBoard—that lets customers create even complex reports. Workflow and integration with an external records system is easy.

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