Proven solution. Integrates disparate AVL, GPS, radio, and mapping systems. The result is a real-time, multi-jurisdictional view that empowers you to manage any situation.

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GEOfusion is the premier map-centric integration technology for Public Safety. It delivers an integrated, map-based common operational picture of location-enabled information.

 See how several agencies near Nashville used GEOfusion to break up a burglary ring.

GEOfusion enables disparate GIS/AVL systems to interoperate, transforming isolated islands of location-enriched data into a more complete picture of the situation so that the best decisions can be made. It aggregates vehicle tracking and incident locations from multiple agencies into a single interactive map. It also supports integration of raw GPS modem data with a  resource definition database. All of this information can flow into and out of any CAD and other AVL system.

GPS Gateway

Translates and normalizes raw GPS data from a variety of different protocols and sources, both inbound and outbound. Normalized data is forwarded to the GEO server for further processing and sharing.

GEO Server

Performs a broad set of functionality from matching normalized GPS modem data to vehicle resource descriptions and CAD unit status, creating a full-detail AVL record. It also distributes enriched AVL information to other systems and authorized users.


The GEOfusion mobile interface connects to standalone GPS modems and transmits data to the GPS gateway. It also updates the FATPOT mobile client with real-time location data for active navigation using the mapping system. Works effectively in low-bandwidth networks.

Situational Awareness

Integrates your mapping, GPS, and location information to create a cross-jurisdictional common operating picture. Provides best-route navigation so you can respond faster and more accurately.

GEO Fence

Through the FATPOT mobile client, create and share GEO-fenced regions and track resource activity. Set up search grids to coordinate rescue or search activities.

Scalability and Reliability

The KRC—and by extension GEOfusion—is architected for scalability and reliability. Its web-service architecture employs distributed parallel processing infrastructure with multiple application and database servers to meet the growth and fault-tolerant demands of any organization. The architecture is capable of running in the cloud.

GEOfusion empowers a variety of FATPOT products and is leveraged in the following ways:

  • Creating a real-time common operational picture that shows the locations of resources, incidents, cameras, and other map data.
  • Facilitating automated mutual aid requests by locating the nearest available unit.
  • Utilizing resources more efficiently based on their location.
  • Reducing critical response times to save lives and property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can GEOfusion track vehicles from different CAD systems?

Yes. GEOfusion handles the integration of AVL data from multiple disparate CAD, radio, cellular, and vehicle tracking systems. All data can be made available on a central map for incident command or be interfaced back to any system.

What types of devices can you track and display?

GEOfusion is very versatile. It can track a multitude of mobile devices: handheld, trunk mount, anything that puts out a GPS location. It integrates many different formats and data streams. If you want to track your fleet of units or devices, GEOfusion will exceed your expectations.

Is it possible for an agency staff member to deploy GEOfusion?

Yes. FATPOT offers training that empowers your staff to perform the installation and maintenance of your GEOfusion platform. FATPOT can also work with your staff to do the installation, training, and validation.

Is GEOfusion a proven and secure product?

Yes! GEOfusion has been in use for many years and has undergone revisions and improvements to keep it current with the latest technology changes. It is used by large and small agencies across wide geographical areas. It brings together statewide views for various highway patrols and divisions of natural resources in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world. The data is encrypted and secure.

What if I have multiple devices in one vehicle, spotty network coverage, or loss of signal?

GEOfusion supports multiple device signals through its Mobile interface, as devices are often not part of the MDC. It is designed to operate in low bandwidth environments and loss of signal as devices enter and leave coverage areas. The last known location can be displayed, with the display showing that the device is no longer in contact.

It’s a robust system that will help you make better response decisions.

Is GEOfusion affordable and user friendly?

GEOfusion is affordable and easy to deploy. Its associated FATPOT applications are user friendly for dispatchers, first responders, administrators, and other personnel. It performs well in mobile environments where low-bandwidth networks limit communication and coverage.

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