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FusionPLATFORM is the leading standards-based information-sharing solution in the Public Safety industry for Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) interoperability with other systems. The system is transparent: dispatchers continue to use their native CAD consoles for everything.

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FusionPLATFORM is the third generation of FATPOT’s leading CAD interoperability solution. Built on a scalable distributed processing, web service architecture, fusionPLATFORM is an intelligent hub, interconnecting multiple CAD systems through standards-based interfaces while delivering a centralized management environment where administrators can configure business rules that define and control their information- and resource-sharing transactions. Beyond CAD-to-CAD interoperability, fusionPLATFORM can communicate with a myriad of other systems such as RMS, AVL, MoveUp, Station Alerting, EOC, Hospital, Call/Video Recording, and Analytics.


FusionAWARE is a real-time broker of CAD information that aggregates published CAD information from multiple systems and makes it available for viewing, even for those who do not have a CAD but require awareness. It creates a cross-jurisdictional or regional perspective of CAD incident and resource data. FusionAWARE only requires a one-way interface to the connected CAD system.


FusionNOTIFY builds on fusionAWARE by enabling the powerful rules engine, complex message filters, information translators, and CAD-to-CAD workflow built into fusionPLATFORM. FusionNOTIFY users become active, intelligent agents for processing CAD information and resource sharing operations. FusionNOTIFY still only requires a one-way interface to the connected CAD system.


FusionUNIFY is the most powerful offering available for CAD information and resource sharing enabling organizations to achieve the optimum level of interoperability.  Through a two-way (bidirectional) interface, all of the functionality of fusionPLATFORM is seamlessly integrated into each connected CAD system.  Incident and resources sharing operations are initiated through the local CAD console, and all updates are automatically incorporated directly into CAD.

Advanced Business Rules

The power of fusionPLATFORM is achieved through the integrated and  powerful business rules engine. Sharing transactions can now be configured easily by administrators to meet agency requirements through the menu-driven rules-definition module. Codes translations are also easily managed through the central administration application – fusionPORTAL.


FusionPORTAL is a powerful client application that delivers a state-of-the-art graphical user interface (GUI) to the multi-jurisdictional information flowing through and being aggregated in the fusionPLATFORM. The latest generation GUI−fusionPORTAL−embodies a leading edge user interface, mapping technology, panels for viewing incident and unit information, as well as an expanded view of incident and Interoperability details.

Scalability and Reliability

FusionPLATFORM is architected for scalability and reliability. Its web-service architecture employs distributed parallel processing infrastructure with multiple application and database servers to meet the growth and fault-tolerant demands of any organization. The architecture is capable of running in the cloud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the pricing for fusionPLATFORM structured?

FusionAWARE is a situational awareness version and only requires a publish-only interface to each connected CAD system. Information is aggregated from multiple CAD systems and displayed to fusionPORTAL, FATPOT Mobile applications, and other systems for cross-jurisdictional information sharing. FusionAWARE is quick and inexpensive to implement.  It is a good starting point for agencies who are beginning their interoperability strategy.

FusionNOTIFY utilizes the fusionPORTAL to give all of the CAD-to-CAD functionality of fusionUNIFY, but still only requires a publish-only interface to the connected CAD system.  This is a mid-level solution builds on fusionAWARE but adds the full power of fusionPLATFORM without the cost of a CAD bidirectional interface.

FusionUNIFY delivers the highest level of CAD interoperability through a fully integrated CAD bidirectional interface. This product delivers seamless automation of incident and resource sharing across connected CAD systems. The required bidirectional interface is  usually installed by each CAD system provider, which is a separate cost item.

A FATPOT solutions architect will be glad to work with you to find the right solution to meet your needs.

Why are there multiple editions of FusionPLATFORM?

Not all agencies are the same, and their needs vary. The different versions – fusionAWARE, fusionNOTIFY, and fusionUNIFY are packaged to meet the needs of different sizes of agencies with varying requirements for information sharing and configurability. Each edition is priced to be affordable for the user community it serves.

Is there a view-only version of FusionPLATFORM?

Yes. fusionAWARE utilizes a publish-only interface (often through ODBC database access) to aggregate incident and unit data in real time, from connected CAD systems. The information is viewable through fusionPORTAL and the FATPOT Mobile applications, and can also be filtered and pushed to other systems that want to consume the data.

The information provided by fusionAWARE is valuable because it provides situational awareness and a common operational picture of current regional activity. However, all information must be interpreted and acted on by individuals who are monitoring the results. This is where fusionNOTIFY and fusionUNIFY add additional dimensions of capabilities.

Can FusionPLATFORM be used every day, or is it just for major incidents and disasters?

FusionPLATFORM is used every day, every minute, every second by our customers in multiple countries. The solution improves first responder response times and provides situational awareness on a daily basis while also helping dispatchers and first responders be better prepared for major incidents and disasters.

FusionPLATFORM is used daily for incident transfers, mutual aid requests, resource availability, and situational awareness. Additionally, it has been relied upon during major disasters such as the Boston Marathon Bombing, Joplin Tornado, and major catastrophic fires in California.

Is it possible for an agency staff member to configure FusionPLATFORM?

FusionPLATFORM is designed for configurability and flexibility. It is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product that can be installed and implemented by a trained system integrator.

Once installed, and with proper training, an authorized agency staff member can define business rules for information-sharing scenarios to meet the needs of the agency. Ongoing administration and management can be performed by the customer.

Is FusionPLATFORM scalable?

FusionPLATFORM is built on a distributed processing, web-service architecture. It is a scalable and reliable system with redundant application and database servers. Any single system failure will not affect availability. Additional servers can be added to increase performance and scalability. The platform can also be implemented in a VM environment.

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