Partner Support

Want to become a FATPOT Partner?

FATPOT’s fusionPLATFORM provides an easy way to grow your customer base and provide critical functionality to your existing customers. We provide a fully developed SDK to help you integrate your product with FATPOT’s  solutions such as fusionPLATFORM. FATPOT will work with you to assure your success in meeting your customers’ requirements. Simply fill in your information on this page and our Partner team will contact you and start the process for you to become a FATPOT Partner.

Interested in our SDK?

FATPOT has developed a software development kit to allow our Partners to easily integrate with fusionPLATFORM. Through our flexible REST API, you can easily send and receive messages to and from the fusionPLATFORM over HTTP. Our SDK provides complete instructions and examples about how to interface with our REST API.  

If you are a CAD provider, FATPOT’s fusionPLATFORM solution provides a “one-and-done, plug-n-play” solution for CAD interoperability. Interface once to fusionPLATFORM and reuse the same interface over and over again, everywhere FATPOT is the interoperability platform. Partner with FATPOT and let us solve your interoperability needs.

If your software needs access to critical, real-time CAD, RMS, or AVL data, contact us to find out how fusionPLATFORM can simplify access to many different systems through a single interface you develop.

Looking for Developer Support?

FATPOT has provided a simple and proven path to connect your software to our fusionPLATFORM. In addition to the well-documented SDK, you’ll be given access to a fully functional development environment through the Internet where you can test your interface through CAD simulators, the fusionPORTAL, and certification test harnesses. Finally, our skilled developer support team can meet with you individually to provide answers to any questions or concerns you may have. Simply fill in your information on this page and our Partner team will contact you and set up a meeting to answer your questions.