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Every day that an officer puts on his badge, he risks his own life to save others. Knowledge is power to make the right life-saving decision.

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The bad guys don’t observe jurisdictional boundaries, so whether you are making a routine traffic stop or marching into the front lines of a potentially life-threatening situation, getting the right information can make all the difference.  Does your system interoperate with the agency next door? FATPOT can help.

Read how injured officers were saved because their agency was sharing information.

Responding to domestic violence or even traffic accidents involving injuries will be improved by automated communication through interoperable systems, but when coordinating response to a mass casualty or active shooter incident, interoperability between law enforcement, EMS, and fire agencies is indispensable. FATPOT has the breadth and depth of real-world solutions to help you improve your day-to-day response, while preparing you and neighboring agencies to coordinate everyone’s involvement in even large-scale disasters.


Automate mutual aid response between interconnected CAD systems. Share incident and resource information between systems and users. Improve efficiency of dispatchers and reduce critical, life-saving response times.


Integrate GEO-spatial information from interconnected CAD systems and AVL systems to offer a map-based, common operational picture of incidents, resources, and status. Use best-route features to navigate time-saving shortest route, and much more.


Integrate important CAD data, such as dates and times of incident and resource involvement, into interconnected RMS systems for improved reporting. Search RMS systems for pre-plan or premise information.


Empower first responders with multi-jurisdictional situational awareness that includes incident details, resource location and status, record systems inquiries, and general alerts.

Open Integration

FusionPLATFORM includes standards-based APIs for integrating other systems to critical incident and resource information. These include camera and shot-spotter solutions.

Cost Effective

FusionPLATFORM’s administration portal is designed to give you the control to configure and easily adapt the environment to meet your changing requirements. Interoperability is now cost effective, flexible, and reliable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does FusionPLATFORM know when to notify other agencies?

FusionPLATFORM includes a powerful rules engine that can be configured easily to transfer incident information to another agency. For example, setting the zone field within your CAD system to a specific value can trigger the exchange, or the dispatcher can share the incident through a comment keyword or a dispatcher command.

Can FusionPLATFORM push important incident data into my RMS system?

Yes. FusionPLATFORM maintains the real-time incident and unit details from all connected CAD systems that are needed to properly complete accident and citation reports. Interfaces to RMS systems, if not already available, can be developed easily using the FATPOT standards-based API.

Can GEOfusion add AVL capability to my vehicles?

GEOfusion offers many options to integrate GPS information to create a fully functional AVL system. Data can be collected from a standalone GPS modem in a vehicle and transmitted over cellular or radio networks, or if location services already exist in radios or other devices, GEOfusion can pull the data from a central server. Let FATPOT help you design an affordable AVL solution that meets your needs.

Can the FATPOT Mobile solution connect to my existing CAD and RMS system?

Yes. The FATPOT Mobile solutions are designed to connect to multiple CAD and RMS systems through FusionPLATFORM and RMSfusion. Tight integration can be achieved with your CAD through a bidirectional interface, and custom field reports can be pushed into your RMS system. This integration lets you create a best-of-breed solution and not be tied to any single vendor.

Is it possible for an agency staff member to configure FusionPLATFORM?

Yes. FusionPLATFORM was designed with flexibility and configurability in mind. Authorized users can log in to the fusionPORTAL and create, modify, or remove business rules that control the information- and resource-sharing functions. This gives you control of your system without the cost of expensive programmers.

How will RMSfusion provide me with critical life-saving information?

RMSfusion gives first responders and investigators the ability to search connected RMS systems for person, vehicle, property, and violation type to see if relevant information existing in other agencies will give you better information to do your job.

Can FusionPLATFORM limit the information shared with other types of agencies?

Yes. Often, law enforcement agencies have restrictions on the level of incident details that can be shared with Fire and EMS agencies, but some communication is essential for first responder safety and response coordination. FusionPLATFORM lets you define filters, through the Advanced Filters module, to limit the information shared between types of agencies.

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