Initiatives like NG911, FirstNet, and SAFECOM tell us that interoperability is an essential part of the path ahead.

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The National Emergency Communications Plan (DHS) articulates the role of Federal and State government in bringing about nationwide improvements in emergency response. Interoperability is a key pillar throughout the plan.

Review the National Emergency Response Plan (DHS).

FATPOT has been pioneering the CAD system interoperability frontier for more than a decade. FusionPLATFORM is now in its third generation. Its patented technology has produced a solution that is revolutionizing interoperability in Public Safety.

Through fusionPLATFORM, emergency incident and resource information can now be integrated easily into EOC, Fusion Center, Crime Center, and other State and Federal systems. Look to FATPOT, the leader in Public Safety interoperability, to meet your information-sharing needs.


Automate mutual aid response between interconnected CAD systems.  Share incident and resource information between systems and users.  Improve efficiency of dispatchers and reduce critical life-saving response times.


Integrate GEO-spatial information from interconnected CAD systems and AVL systems to give a map-based common operational picture of incidents, resources, and status.  Use best-route features to navigate time-saving shortest route, and much more.


Integrate important CAD data, such as dates and times of incident and resource involvement, into interconnected RMS systems for improved reporting.  Search RMS systems for pre-plan or premise information.


Empower first responders with multi-jurisdictional situational awareness that includes incident details, resource location and status, record systems inquiries, and general alerts.

Open Integration

FusionPLATFORM includes standards-based APIs for integrating other systems to critical incident and resource information. These include move-up and station alerting systems as well as RMS and AVL systems.  Even P25 radio systems can be integrated.

Cost Effective

FusionPLATFORM’s administration portal, fusionPORTAL, is designed to give you the control to configure and easily adapt the environment to meet your changing requirements. Interoperability is now cost effective, flexible, and reliable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does FusionPLATFORM connect to my EOC software?

FusionPLATFORM provides a standards-based API and software development kit that can be used to send real-time incident and resource information to your EOC, Fusion Center, or Crime Center systems. Interfaces for many systems may already exist.

How does FusionPORTAL supplement Incident Command operations?

FusionPORTAL gives you an operational perspective of all agencies’ involvement and resources in multi-jurisdictional incidents. This is delivered through a real-time mapping window, active incidents window, and the active units window. FusionPORTAL can be used in a mobile command center. It lets the incident commander make direct requests for resources to dispatchers from different CAD systems.

Can an EOC connect to the same system as local agencies?

Yes. That is the power of fusionPLATFORM. It is a platform for everyday use. Local agencies benefit from day-to-day information- and resource-sharing operations, while important analytics and usage information flow to regional or state systems. During a large-scale event where the EOC is activated, incident command can be expanded to the highest level.

Can FusionPLATFORM gather regional analytics from connected systems?

A benefit of connectivity and day-to-day use by many agencies is the ability to capture a regional perspective of incidents. Crime patterns may not be evident from a single CAD or RMS system, but regional-level analytics might reveal a trend much sooner.

Is there a web-based FATPOT Mobile application?

Yes. FAPOT offers a Web Incident Viewer that provides a convenient way to view regional incident and resource information.

Do the FATPOT Mobile applications support inquiries to State and Federal databases?

Yes. PortalONE is used by many first responders to do State and Federal lookups such as NCIC. RMSfusion can also query local RMS systems.

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