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Step 1: Take the free Interoperability Assessment

Complete and submit the short survey on this page. We won’t share the information with anyone, but we will prepare a personalized Interoperability Assessment report for you. The report will help you identify the value of implementing interoperable systems in your environment. There is no risk in completing the survey. It takes only a few minutes.

Step 2: Schedule a Personalized Demo

After you review your free Interoperability Assessment, if you want to know more and learn how FATPOT’s solutions can meet your needs, we will schedule a personalized GoToMeeting for you and your staff to show the functionality of the products. Again, there is no obligation to purchase anything.

Step 3: Do the 3-Day Feasibility Study

When you finally want to kick the tires and see actual proof of how the solution will work in your environment, FATPOT invites you to do the 3-Day Feasibility Study. We are so confident about the flexibility of our products that we will come on site with your people, gather your requirements, and configure a prototype system that will prove its capability to meet your needs.

There is a small charge for this service, but it will be credited towards your purchase of any products.