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FATPOT Technologies provides leading-edge software and solutions for public safety professionals in the U.S. and internationally. FATPOT solutions rapidly integrate data assets and create real-time information sharing among dissimilar systems.

FATPOT's continued innovation and client-focus enabled it to create the first statewide interoperable data network. Today, FATPOT technology securely integrates more than 120 agencies' information assets, including RMS, GPS, AVL, and other systems at department, local, state or provincial, and federal or national information levels. FATPOT mobile computing technology empowers thousands of public safety professionals with the tools and resources they need to secure the public more effectively and efficiently.

FATPOT Technologies was founded in 2002 and is based near Salt Lake City, Utah. In January 2011, FATPOT was acquired by Communications International (Ci). Ci is an ESOP company based in Vero Beach Florida that has been in business for over 35 years. Please visit if you would like more information about the Ci and the FATPOT acquisition.

Qualifications of Firm

FATPOT's breakthrough virtual data fusion technology platform, Peer Intelligence, provides multi-jurisdictional data access on demand by seamlessly bridging system and network compatibility gaps. FATPOT's leading expertise is focused on solving Homeland Security problems related to Interoperability, Mobility, and High Performance Software for local, regional, and state public safety markets. As a part of this, we have developed a world-class, robust, and leading edge Mobile Data System which includes a comprehensive AVL for customers such as Orange County Fire Authority.

International Acclaim

FATPOT has garnered national validation and international acclaim for its breakthrough interoperability platform, associated fusion technologies, and modular, real-time software systems. The company has developed a powerful set of public safety software applications and interface tools on a new, flexible “Next-Gen” software framework. This technology allows for an entirely new level of superior performance, mobility, and interoperability. It is easy to use and customize and it is powered by a unique, proprietary technology called Peer Intelligence®. This technology was developed from the ground up by the founders, and is based on the philosophy of open standards interfaces. As such, FATPOT inherently supports standard protocols and programming interfaces.

Over 150 clients and 4,000 users

FATPOT has numerous projects currently deployed that range from statewide implementations to single deployments in rural America. While FATPOT is one of the younger, more successful companies in this market, the technology and core applications have been evaluated, tested and proven in end- user settings and large partner evaluations.

Tested and Validated by Industry Giants

FATPOT has been tested and validated by the industry leaders in Public Safety Motorola and Harris, two of the world’s largest makers of private radio networks, heard of FATPOT’s claims and technology and immediately tested its product suite in their labs. Both company evaluations found FATPOT’s technology to be breakthrough in nature. Qualcomm, Ci, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, L-3 Communications, Intergraph, Motorola, Positron, Cisco, Tiburon, CGI, and Tri-Tech are examples of other organizations that have been impressed and entered into partnership talks or arrangements.

These types of relationships give strong testing and development boosts to FATPOT’s continued innovation and credibility. They also keep us up to date on new technologies that we must support and utilize.

Mission Statement


We strive to make life better and safer FOR ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE (FATPOT) WORLD by

  • Saving precious lives
  • Serving our communities
  • Securing the homeland
  • Sharing our resources


We care foremost about people. We are committed to absolute integrity and excellence. We pledge continued diligence in developing innovative technologies that positively impact and advance society.


We enable superior performance and ensure our clients' success by creating

  • Breakthrough, affordable software
  • True mobility
  • Instant interoperability