FATPOT: Public Safety Meets Interoperability

Our mission critical software meets the information sharing needs of public safety organizations around the globe for increased awareness, unity, and protection.


Public safety meets interoperability.


Who We Are

FATPOT Is Mission-Critical Software

FATPOT has pioneered the interoperability frontier in Public Safety

  • First ever statewide information-sharing network
  • Life-saving Amber Alert system
  • Independent mobile computing platform
  • Multi-jurisdictional situational awareness
  • AVL integration, brokering, and mapping
  • Heterogeneous federated RMS queries
  • Data interoperability and fusion technologies
  • Bi-directional CAD interoperability platform
  • Scalable architecture for expanding knowledge response systems

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What We Do

FATPOT has more than a decade of experience interfacing and fusing Public Safety data.


Read how FATPOT is more than just information sharing.

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Introducing FATPOT’s Real-Time

Knowledge Response Center

Built on Big Data, a distributed parallel processing environment, an intelligent rules engine, and purpose-built knowledge models, FATPOT’s KRC will transform a region of disparate, siloed systems and processes into a synchronized symphony of capabilities and organizations.

With the centralized KRC portal, you have the tools and the flexibility to configure, refine (“teach”), expand, and monitor the entire system.

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CADfusion NG is the foundational knowledge model at the heart of the KRC, because Public Safety and Emergency Response revolve around a critical set of incident data. Being able to share and synchronize critical incident data in real time between neighboring CAD systems is what CADfusion does.

But that’s only the beginning. The KRC also integrates essential AVL and RMS data to deliver unparalleled potential for sophisticated knowledge-enabled response. The KRC becomes the central gateway for interfacing Public Safety information with other outside systems and communities.

Finally, the KRC provides a unique platform to gather analytics for multi-jurisdictional incidents, delivering more knowledge than has ever been generally available from a single source.

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Who We Serve

FATPOT delivers information sharing at the level you want. Connecting the communities we serve creates a unified response not available in any other way.


Fire, HAZMAT, Disaster

EMS & Medical

Ambulance, Transport, Hospitals

Law Enforcement

Local, County, State


Federal, State, Regional

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